Word of the Month: November: “Chuffed”

Word of the Month: November: “Chuffed”

Welcome to our new feature- British word of the month! Where we help you Anglophiles decipher some of the phrases and words that you will be hearing on British TV, reading in our books, and maybe even hearing in person on your visits to Britain! (Or if you are an expat, a useful link to send your baffled friends as proof that you aren’t the only one who says this!)

Chuffed – adj- To be quite pleased about something.

We are chuffed that Christmas is nearly here! We are chuffed that the lovely Katie Flynn is on the UK bestseller list!

You get the idea.

“Chuffed” is a state usually accompanied by a smile, but not too much jumping for joy – the British reserve still applies to a state of chuffed-ness.

But if we start adding emphasis… well, that’s where it gets interesting. We are well chuffed that we have 1700 Facebook followers! We are dead chuffed by the news that the London Underground is going to start running 24 hours a day.

But most of all, we are chuffed to have you here visiting Great British Reads today. Very chuffed indeed.

See you next month!

Source: This was reproduced with permission from Anglotopia’s Dictionary of British English– a fantastic resource for watchers of British TV and readers of British books!