Remembering D-Day: Our Top 3 Novels with WW2 heroines

Remembering D-Day: Our Top 3 Novels with WW2 heroines

One of our favorite things about reading is the ability to be transported into another time and place! And while sometimes it’s amazing to live in a pure fantasy land (Middle Earth, anyone?) for a while, we are partial to the stories which take place around real historical events. Where the characters could easily be real people, and we learn about our world’s history along the way.

As we prepare for the June 6th anniversary of the D-Day Normandy landings, we wanted to share with you some stories set in the second World War. These are stories about strong and courageous women, and the romances and friendships which endured in those difficult times.

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Keep Smiling Through by Ellie Dean

June 1940. Despite losing her mother at a young age and with her father away on important war work, seventeen-year-old Rita Smith has plenty of people to turn to in the close-knit community of Cliffhaven. Until Italy sides with Germany and Rita’s closest friends and neighbours are interned as enemies of the state.

As war rages across Europe, Rita is more determined than ever to do her bit for the war effort. Although she is forced to give up her dream of joining the WAAF, she volunteers as a fire warden. When her own home is destroyed Rita vows she will not lose spirit and throws herself into doing her bit for her country, longing for the day when she is reunited with those she loves best…

First Love 
First Love, Last Love by Katie Flynn (writing as Judith Saxton) 

A powerful story of two sisters, and the love that changed their lives

It wasn’t a privileged childhood, but it was a happy one. Sybil and Lizzie Cream, brought up in a fisherman’s cottage on the edge of the cold North Sea were content to leave privilege where it belonged: with their friends the Wintertons. Christina Winterton was the same age as Sybil and the two girls were inseparable, but it was Lizzie whom Ralph Winterton, three years older, found irresistible.

Then war came to East Anglia, and so did Manchester-born Fenn Kitzmann now of the American Army Air Force. At their first meeting he is attracted by Sybil’s subtle charm, but before he sees her again her own personal tragedy has struck, and he finds her changed almost out of recognition…


Rachel’s Secret by Susan Sallis

In 1943 two schoolgirls, Rachel and Meriel,best friends in the Gloucestershire city where they have grown up, amuse themselves by tracking down imaginary German spies. It all seems a harmless way of whiling away the long school holidays, until their game turns into a frightening reality, the consequences of which affect their whole lives.

Rachel becomes a reporter on the local paper while Meriel, a GI bride, goes to live in Florida. But the bonds which hold them together can never be broken, as the secrets and scandals which first surfaced in those far-off wartime days eventually come to light.

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