Download our free Christmas sampler!

Download our free Christmas sampler!

Christmas is a great time for family and for romance, and some wonderful stories have come from this time of year!

This year we are giving away a free ebook sampler, where you can try out some of our favorite winter stories!

The ebook contains chapters from the following novels…

In Time for Christmas by Katie Flynn

In the maelstrom of war, sisters Addy and Prue both fall for Giles, a pilot in the RAF. When his plane goes down, the sisters must put aside their differences and pray he comes back in time for Christmas.

The Ragged Heiress by Dilly Court

On a bitter winter’s day, an unnamed girl lies dangerously ill in hospital. When two coarse, rough-speaking individuals come to claim her, she can remember nothing.

It’s a Vet’s Life by Cathy Woodman

Alex and Maz are due to get married at Christmas. But as busy country vets, there’s little time for each other, let alone arranging a wedding. It’s going to take a Christmas miracle to get these two down the aisle.

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